Being a dog groomer one of our jobs (apart from making dogs look beautiful) is to do a nose to tail health check. One problem that we see a lot is bad teeth and inflamed gums. It is more of a common issue in elder dogs. Many believe that then isn’t anything you can really do to keep a dogs teeth, mouth clean and healthy, well in fact there are a numbers of things as owners and dog groomers that we can do such as:

  • Buying a good quality dog food with a reduce amount of sugars and salts
  • Giving dogs a quality denta stick to help remove plaque and keep a fresh breath
  • Brushing your dog’s teeth! With a toothpaste that contains enzymes. The enzymes can move around the mouth to all the teeth and badly affected areas to help prevent the build-up of plaque and decay. This toothpaste will be available from your vets.
  • Cutting down on tit bits and treats. Treats tend do have a lot of bad sugars in them which is the cause of decay and plaque, leading to a smelly and unpleasant breath.



Not looking after your dog’s teeth can cause a lot of problems. Gum disease is very common, this is where the gums become very red, sore and inflamed it can become harder for the dogs to eat and chew due to pain. It doesn’t just stop there when you see redness and inflamed gums, it can also affect the heart, kidneys, and intestinal tract and also the joints can be affected. Again this then leads to more complications and more vets bills!


 Signs to look out for include:

  • Pawing at face and mouth constantly
  • Redness and inflammation
  • Yellow/brown teeth build-up of tartar and plaque
  • Depression
  • Eating habits changin
  • Being off food completely 

It’s always best to seek advice and guidance from your vet if you ever have any worries or concerns, as there are many things that can be done to help your dog’s teeth. Unlike humans they can’t directly tell us if they have toothache or a fractured tooth. It’s important to always have a look in your dogs mouth as you never know what’s going on inside. And as a dog groomer we will always tell you whether we have any concerns and if you should go and see the vet.

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