What age do I start my puppy attending Cottage Canine Grooming?

We offer a free introductory session whereby your puppy can come in and spend a fun session with us having lots of cuddles and experiencing the sounds, sights and smells of the salon.

The introductory session usually lasts between half an hour and an hour to suit you. During this time your dog will learn that the salon is a safe, friendly place to be and that you will be back to collect him/her.

Our staff will show your puppy around the salon, play with them and perhaps gently introduce a soft brush. With your first visit after the introductory session we will fill out a record card for your puppy and take all their details from you, including age, breed, sex, and any health issues your dog may have. This card will also include details of what grooming treatments your puppy has. All the information is transferred to our client database stored safely on our computer.

We will then discuss how you would like your puppy groomed, what styles you like, and what would suit your lifestyle. We will also advise you on how long it will take to groom your dog and give you a quote on the price.

All prices quoted will include full grooming, shampoo and conditioner, blow dry and ear care as well as your styling choice.

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